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Just Ask Bruce

by Bill Jacobson

If youíre wondering why the price of oilís so high
or why the Dow Jonesís so low,
or whatís the right way to detail a car,
or when you should buy new tires.
Just ask my friend Bruce Ė heíll know.

If you donít know what restaurant to eat at
or what to order, 
or what the price will be,
or how to get there.
Just ask my friend Bruce Ė heíll know.

If you wondering whatís new in nanotechnology,
or what kind of car to buy,
or how to diffuse a bomb,
or where to get sheepskin slippers.
Just ask my friend Bruce Ė heíll know.

Sometimes I picture Bruce alone in his office,
perched in front of an enormous control screen,
like Captain Kirk in Star Trek,
with information streaming in to him from around the globe. 
His screen is split between CNN, ESPN
and a special underground channel that no one else receives.
And he sits there with a cup of coffee,
digesting facts,
soaking it all in,
storing stuff away to answer future questions.

Bruce knows whatís going to happen before it does.
He can remember the past and predict the future
and lets you in on the most juicy rumors.
Heís the source of all knowledge you canít find
on Google or Wikipedia.

And when thereís something really important to tell 
like inside information heís passing along,
heíll relay the news from the side of his mouth;
not quite in a whisper, but in a low voice that stresses
that the stuff heís telling you is top secret.
Last night I couldnít sleep
wondering if there was a God,
wondering if  there was an afterlife,
wondering what life means.
The questions kept me up all night. But itís OK.
Tomorrow Iíll ask my friend Bruce Ė heíll know.