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My Cross CHRISTian Art The hand of God is everywhere in nature and Purple Hat is there to bring it back: the "work of his hands reflects the work of God's hands."

Adding selected passages from the Bible to certain of his images, My Cross CHRISTian Art, was born.

Mega Bolt -

fine art prints or digital images


If you are considering starting a business or organizing your business as a corporation or LLC, or if you have any issues with regard to the form of your business that you are confused about go see my friend Bruce Chancellor at Hamilton Document Services. He's the best business consultant you can find and will have the answers, be able to help you and/or be able to point you in the right direction.  Bruce Chancellor, Hamilton Document Services


  Author:  Timothy Fitzgerald —
  The Book:  Wawona Brotherhood: The San Jose State Campus Revolt

"The story of the civil rights and anti-war activism that engulfed San Jose State University during the 1960s is still relevant in today’s world. Tim Fitzgerald’s work reminds all of us that the basic issues which divided our nation then – a questionable war in a foreign land and the fight for equality at home – continue to haunt our society.’’
 — Jim Beall, Jr., California State Assembly, District 24



Andrew Cohen: If God Knocks, Are You Ready?


UTEP student Nubia Legarda on drug legalization

This is about a courageous act by a Mexican girl and cowardly capitulation by local politicians in the face of heinous federal and state coercion.

UTEP student Nubia Legarda, speaking to the El Paso City Counsel, said the issue of legalization should be studied as a way to end the drug-related violence that led to 1,600 slayings in Juarez last year. The City Counsel had unanimously passed a resolution calling for a study to consider legalizing drugs, which was vetoed by the mayor. Nubia spoke at a hearing to consider overriding the Mayor's veto. Federal and Texas officials sent letters to Counsel members threatening loss of federal and state funding for El Paso if the veto was overridden. Half of the Counsel members capitulated to this heinous coercion.